Stallarholmens Pump Track 2021

In the year 2021, the Velosolutions Scandinavia team executed a successful construction of a pump track in Stallarholmen, Sweden. The pump track is located right next to the city’s athletic track and football field. The Velosolutions pump track is a great addition to the active area, occupying 985 m2 and featuring fast rollers, big turns, and plenty of sneaky transfer lines! The track is 142 meters long and offers an opportunity to improve your riding skills while also having fun. Also, it’s about an hour’s drive away from Stockholm.

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Matiass Abzalons


Since his early years, Matiass has been on the hunt for a profession that would truly challenge him, one where action, large-scale projects, and significant impact converge. Fast forward to today, Matiass has become an expert in international multi-segment action sports infrastructure construction, leading teams fearlessly with no project too big to tackle. Whether it’s for the Olympics, World Championships, or Scandinavia’s largest pumptrack, Matiass is always at the forefront.

”Creating something as valuable as pumptracks and bike parks resonates deeply with me. Working on multi-segment world-class
international projects continues to give me goosebumps. Efficiency and
productivity are the guiding principles I bring to every project, request from team and always strive to improve our methods. And of course, bikes, skis, and
photography are my passions as I traverse the globe.”

Rasa Kalve




Gusts är vår huvuddesigner för Velosolutions Scandinavia’s pumptrack och bike parks projekt. Han är även medlem i IMBA, Europe (International Mountain Bicycling Association) och har genomgått trail- och byggkurser för hållbara och säkra leder.

Gusts är även en passionerad MTB rider med över 20 års erfarenhet i både DH, dirtjumps och street. Cyklingen är en stor del av hans liv och han ägnar sig även åt lokala bike events, medverkan i olika filmer och författare. Han är väldigt tacksam för att kunna kombinera sin cykel erfarenhet med konst och skapandet av nya cykeldestinationer.

Jānis Jansons


Since his early school days, Janis has been captivated by action sports, leading him to establish various companies in the field. These ventures have brought together like-minded individuals, nurturing their expertise across snow, wake, bike, and skate disciplines. Highlights of Janis’s journey include the co-development of the Harstad and Isaberg pump tracks, as well as contributions to two Olympics Slopestyle builds. Currently, Janis has turned his full attention to bike infrastructure advancements in all aspects.

”I’ve long held the conviction that cycling extends beyond just roads or mountain bike parks. In the past decade, we’ve witnessed the emergence of an entire industry around it. From in-city pump tracks to skills parks and full-scale bike parks, the landscape is evolving rapidly. I’m thrilled to be part of this movement and, in many ways, to spearhead the trend alongside our incredible team.”

Nico Serey

Projektledning Norge

Morgan Kristiansen

Projektledning Norge

Stian Evensen

Sales Norge

The initiator and the project manager of Harstad Bike Park. Together with the club, sponsors and partners, Harstad Bike Park has become a world class bike facility and a project that gathered a community in the Harstad region. Visitors from all over the world travel to Harstad, located in 68 degrees north of Norway. Stian is very much involved in all activities of the local bike club and have several years of experience from the regional and national cycling federation.

“I have seen what a pump track and professional bike trails and infrastructure can do for the developing and coping of kids and riders of all levels. Their smile, high fives and happy faces is the best reward I can get. I am looking forward to see more Velosolutions pump tracks and bike parks being created in every city and community all over Norway. Together with this great team of innovators and creative people, I am looking forward to help other clubs and communities to build their playground for bike facilities”

Anders Fallesen


Helle Nymann

Sales Danmark

Malin Lindström


Markus Vindvi


Frida Berglund


Johan Lindström


Under sin tid som BMX Manager på Internationella Cykelförbundet (UCI) i Schweiz, hade Johan en ledande roll i utvecklingen av BMX sporten och dess inkludering i Olympiska Spelen 2008 och framåt. Efter att ha drivit UCI BMX Supercross World Cupserien och byggt BMX-anläggningar i 15 år har Johan nu bytt fokus till att pumptracks!

”Cykling har alltid varit en stor del av mitt liv. Sporten har tagit mig otaliga platser runt om i världen de senaste 30 åren, både som eventansvarig och banbyggare. Jag har lärt mig många livsläxor, men det som sticker ut på sistone är hur pumptracks får folk att bli entusiastiska över att cykla! Velosolutions pumptracks lockar människor in i sporten!”